Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Secret to success

Our director shared this videolink at one of our BMT sessions. One of the secrets to success is passion. Without passion, everything you do is just a chore, and this applies to ones studies too. At first the ICT applications course seemed like one big mountain to climb. But as I read more, apply more, I want to know more. I saw Gilbert's project on QR codes, and I'm royally impressed. I feel like I would also like to try a QR code application. (but first I need a smartphone). Two months ago, I would have said that I'll never understand anything IT related and now I'm taking small steps. I know i'm slow on the uptake, but as the Afrikaans saying goes; agteros kom ook in die kraal. So after watching this video, with every new challenge I will apply some passion to it and see if it changes my attitude to the challenge, especially the difficult ones

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